How to Be a Fun Texter & Make Them Laugh While Reading Your Texts (2023)

Everyone wants to be the fun one, but have you ever wondered how to be a fun texter? Master the skills and giggle at your phone all day long!

Everyone loves to text, be it over regular SMS or via direct message on a social media platform or messaging app. We spend hours having conversations with friends and family members, passing the time and often having full-blown discussions about various issues going on in life. Have you ever wondered how to be a fun texter or what it takes to become someone everyone enjoys chatting with?

Having said that, fun texts are the best. These have the power to make you burst out laughing in the middle of a supermarket when you read it, have you gasping for breath out of humor, and basically brighten up a rather dull day.

Understanding how to be a fun texter is something you need to learn. Whilst some people find it comes easy to them, others have to work on it a little, and avoid certain things, to keep conversations light and breezy, rather than emotional and heavy. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to read an essay of a text message which simply outlines a range of emotions and problems – we need more positivity in our lives!

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How to be a fun texter with a few, simple tweaks

To help you master the skills of the text, here is how to be a fun texter in no time.

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#1 Keep your texts conversational. I always find it’s a good idea to text as though you’re speaking. Assuming the other person knows you quite well, it will be like you’re there in the room talking to them, and that will add extra oomph towards whatever you’re saying, making it ultra-funny, and giggle-worthy.

Don’t forget punctuation however; you might be aiming for chatty, but the other person doesn’t have the time to read the text four times over, trying to figure out where the break in the sentence should be! [Read: 20 unwritten rules of savvy text flirting]

#2 Make use of funny GIFs. Everyone loves a GIF, I know I do! Add extra punch to your conversations with a well-timed and relatable GIF and you’ll become the fun texter you always wanted to be. Sometimes a GIF alone is enough to make someone laugh aloud, provided it has meaning and the timing is right. If you’re going to do this, I’d recommend making use of GIFs which are related to ‘in’ jokes.

#3 Avoid ‘LOL’, it’s super annoying. This might just be me, but please do your best to avoid ‘lol’. Is it just me that finds it super-annoying? A laughing face emoji is far better and adds character! Lol is just lazy, seriously, avoid it!

In my opinion, ‘lol’ shows a lack of interest and a lack of thought. If you can’t be bothered to come up with a witty comment back, wait until the inspiration hits you, or find a GIF which sums it up; lol just looks like you can’t be bothered! [Read: How to make someone laugh over text and be funny just being you]

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#4 Be the master of memes. Just like a well-timed GIF, a pertinent meme is something which could easily have the recipients of your texts laughing until they cry – in a good way! The secret to knowing how to be a fun texter comes down to timing, and if you had a conversation with your friend the day before about a certain situation, and you suddenly see a meme which links to it, send it to your friend with no words needed – they’ll get the joke and laugh, for sure!

#5 Sarcasm is always a winner. I love a bit of sarcasm; for me, there is nothing funnier than sarcasm. What you do have to be careful of however is that you know the person you’re texting quite well and that they know you too. That means your sarcasm will translate in the right way and won’t come over as a little offensive or negative!

Personally, I think a little well-timed sarcasm shows effort and true wittiness! [Read: 20 signs you’ve mastered dry wit and know how to be funny sarcastic]

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#6 Come up with funny one liners and send them randomly. Is there anything funnier than a high quality one liner? This has the power to literally cause hysterics and if you become the one within your group chat who regularly sends these hilarity-inducing one liners, how can you not have learnt how to be a fun texter?!

#7 Don’t overdo it. Within all of this you do need to bear one particular thing in mind – don’t go over the top. Understanding how to be a fun texter is also about knowing when to stop with the one liners, the sarcasm, the memes and the GIFs. Just as I find ‘lol’ to be super-annoying, going too far on a regular basis will cause you to be an annoying texter, not a fun one. [Read: How to be the witty banter master and the life of any party]

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#8 Keep your texts short. Funny remarks do not need to be explained, otherwise you risk going from funny to “I don’t understand what that text means.” For that reason, keep your texts relatively short if you’re attempting to be funny, and stick to quick remarks that are punchy and witty rather than fully explained essays which completely take the fun out of it.

One person’s funny is another person’s idea of confusing

The above 8 steps should have you learning how to be a fun texter in no time, but there is one very important thing to bear in mind. Not everyone finds the same things funny.

Just as everyone finds a different ‘type’ attractive, everyone has a different sense of humor too. That means you need to be careful that anything you say is generic and that it doesn’t wander into topics which some people may find offensive, or simply not find funny at all. Your best bet is to avoid anything related to culture, religion, nationality, politics, gender, childcare, or anything which you simply know a friend is very sensitive towards. If you can do that, your humor will hit the right notes. [Read: 20 funny questions to text a girl and leave her ROFL]

Of course, you can’t please everyone. For instance, there are many people who don’t find sarcasm at all funny, but I find it hilarious. That means that you need to know the person you’re speaking to before you try and pull out the funny.

By doing that, you can ensure that the lines, memes, GIFs, and comments you text will hit the right funny spot and leave a smile on the face of the recipient, and not have them having to read it a few times to try and grasp basic understanding.

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Trying too hard isn’t funny either. Don’t try and be funny with every text you send, otherwise you’ll simply come over as annoying. For instance, if you’re in a group chat with some friends or colleagues and you’re always trying to pull out a witty remark, nobody is going to take you seriously. Time your remarks carefully for the ultimate impact, and make sure that you know how to have a general conversation within a text as well! [Read: 15 fun questions to ask a guy and make him want you around all the time]

Learning how to be a fun texter comes down to timing, knowing the person or people you’re texting, and also understanding that you can be too funny at the same time. At first, cut out the ‘lol’s and instead focus on GIFs and memes that you find amusing, and which links towards ‘in’ jokes that you have with friends. This will help you to build confidence, and from there, you can move towards one liners and sarcasm.

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Keep it light, keep it short, don’t be offensive, and know when to be serious, these are the rules of learning how to be a fun texter. By being able to drop in a hilarious remark or GIF to lighten the mood, you’ll be the one that stands out in a group chat, and the one that everyone labels the “funny one”!

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