Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (2023)

Trying to wake up your inactive server members with a loud honk? What’s stopping you from writing /airhorn in the server channel?

Even typing that command couldn’t activate the Discord bot? Well, if it’s the problem here, writing it over and over can’t resolve the issue, except you troubleshoot the anomaly using the proper technique.

Airhorn bot is most helpful if you tend to announce something on your Discord server and if you want your server members to notice that announcement immediately. A sudden malfunction in the bots’ operations can harm server reach.

You can avoid that issue by just reading this article top to bottom. It would take 3 minutes, tops! But the outcome will be amazing.Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (1)

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Why is Airhorn Bot not responding on Discord?

How to Fix Airhorn Bot on my Discord Server

Fix 2: Rename the Bot

Fix 3: Tweak Bot Permission

Contact Discord Support

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bottom Line

Why is Airhorn Bot not responding on Discord?

Writing the airhorn commands repeatedly is the main reason your bot became unresponsive. Moreover, restricted permission of the bot on your server, and bugs in the Discord application can cause this. However, typing the wrong command can also trigger your bot to stop working.

Check the following section if you have any doubts about the airhorn bot’s unresponsiveness. Skip this part if you want to. But, I would suggest differently, you should read the explained reasons to get a complete overview of those reasons.

Here are the reasons behind your airhorn bot stopped working on Discord:

  • If you write the honk commands time after time, Discord detects that as spamming commands, and the bot stops responding.
  • The bot won’t show up on your server if you fail to write the command with an exact punctuation mark. For example, /airhorn echo can’t activate the bot, whereas writing /anotha echo can trigger the bots’ operation.
  • When you restrict the bot’s accessibility to interfere with your server, it more likely won’t respond when you write a command.

And not to mention the bugs and glitches of the Discord application. Not updating the app to the latest version is another reason. But, I’m sure you are well aware of those.

What technical clarification do you need to resolve that issue? Thought you’d never ask. Read the upcoming chapter to fix this issue quickly.

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How to Fix Airhorn Bot on my Discord Server

Since you have read the complete overview of having this issue, you are now well aware of the common grounds. So, let’s make this part nice and short for your better understanding.

Before jumping to the fixing manual, make sure you’ve entered the correct command while trying to activate the airhorn. Not to mention, be sure you are in the voice channel with someone. If the command line gets misspelled, you get a notification such as not a valid choice.

And check Discord server status every time you face an unusual error. Go to the official website and check whether the server in your region is functional.

Done with these? Let’s implement the working solutions.

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Here are the solutions you should implement when the Airhorn bot stops working:

Fix 1:Remove & Restore Airhorn

This is by far the most workable technique. You need to throw off the bot from your server and add it again, and that will remove the command errors from your server.

Here are the steps to Reset the Airhorn bot on Discord:

  • Launch Discord from your device.
  • Click on the Discord server you want to change the bot.
  • Right-click on the airhorn bot from your server.
  • Select kick airhorn from the following list.Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (2)
  • Visit the website of the airhorn bot and log in with your valid information.
  • Select the appropriate option for your server.

Note: You can edit the role of the bot you have added to your server. Make sure to allow a limited administrative privilege for that bot.

Once you re-add the airhorn, check whether the bot responds to your command. Move on to the following solution if that doesn’t work.

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Fix 2: Rename the Bot

Renaming the airhorn bot is not possible unless you own it. You can’t rename a bot if you don’t know the source code. However, you can rename the bot’s nickname.

Here’s the procedure to change the bot’s nickname:

  • Launch the Discord application on your system.
  • Right-click on the server that you currently want to fix.
  • Move to Server settings> Members. Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (3)
  • Click on the three dots beside the airhorn bot.
  • Select Change nickname from the list.Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (4)
  • Remove the nickname after a while.

That should possibly solve your issue. But, this method works at best if you create the bot. If you’re not the owner, then you must have invited the bot to your server. You merely can give a nickname, nothing else.

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Fix 3: Tweak Bot Permission

Adjust some settings on your Discord server role to get your airhorn bot to function properly. Don’t block the bot to gain access to moderating your server.

Here are the steps to adjust bot permission in Discord:

  • Right-click on the server on which you are having issues.
  • Click on server settings from the side menu.
  • Scroll down and click on roles from the left pane.
  • Select default permission on top of the menu.Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (5)
  • Click on airhorn and move to the permissions tab.
  • Toggle on these options; send text-to-speech messages, administrator.Discord Airhorn Bot not Working [3 Simplest Solutions 2022] (6)

After allowing permissions, restart your Discord. Your issues should be resolved by now.

These are the solutions you should apply when you face discord airhorn bot is not working properly. And of course! You need to update the application to the latest version in order to avoid such scenarios.

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Contact Discord Support

If implementing those methods couldn’t help you resolve the airhorn bot’s stopped working issue, you need to contact the discord support team.

E-mail them what issues you are facing with the airhorn bot. They will undoubtedly go through the problem and find you the best solution possible. But, make sure you explain your situation distinctly.

Please check out the following section if you have any other queries regarding the airhorn bot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Airhorn bot Offline?

This may be a server issue. Check if the discord server of your region is up and running. Wait for a while and review if the server came back online.

How to Get a bot to Work on Discord?

Connect the bot with your discord server. Give that proper administrative privilege to function adequately.

Is the Airhorn bot Still Available on Discord?

Yes, it’s still up and running. Though it was down for a few days, now it is serving to honk your server members.

The Bottom Line

The last thing I would like to mention is that Airhorn is a very popular bot used for announcing necessary details in a server. If it does not work correctly, your server members might miss a lot of helpful information due to inactivity.

The methods I have shared throughout the article will help you to reach your message to the server members. So, I would suggest rereading the whole passage and working accordingly.

But, if anything goes south, you know I’ll be here to guide you to resolve the matter.

Enjoy honking the server!


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Airhorn Solutions is a novelty bot made by the Discord team.

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Does Discord have an official bot? ›

Discord bots are pre-programmed deputies that help automate various tasks on your server. Anyone can make a Discord server, invite people and create appropriate channels.

Can Airhorn make you deaf? ›

An air horn is 129 decibels. That's loud enough to cause immediate harm to your ears. Over time, any sound that's 85 decibels or higher can cause hearing loss — or other hearing problems, like tinnitus (a ringing sound in your ears that won't go away).

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