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Common Meta Business Suite Issues

  • By Lizandlogan


    A nightmare to use with screen reader technology

    The “pages manager“ was simple and easy to navigate using screen reader technology, like a voiceover and J AWS on a computer. Ever since it switched over to business manager, the majority of components are not reading with screen reader technology. As a blind business owner, this significantly complicates me being able to independently use the app. It is beyond frustrating and extremely disappointing. Facebook has come so far with accessibility, and this portion, By adding the new business manager application, makes things nearly impossible!!! I used to be able to share and schedule directly while in the Facebook app, but now I’m required to use the business manager app which things are not labeled, so I have no idea what I’m trying to do while inside the app. And of the data is read off to me, navigating in a logical and sequential order is nonexistent! I am not the only blind business owner who has been having his issues. I am also part of a nonprofit organization, and affiliate of the American Council of the blind, and run the Facebook page for this organization. It is more convenient to just create a group for these organizations, rather than creating a business page, as we keep getting lead back to using “business manager“ which is not accessible in the slightest! ADA States that websites and applications need to be compliant with screen reader technology abilities, and, well… This is just not anywhere near acceptable!

  • By Maduser126654


    A ton of bugs!

    There are several bugs with this app. It’s not even a functioning app anymore. It used to run great before they changed their name from Facebook pages to business suite. Ever since day light savings change, they have been sending reminders to my clients one hour off from their actual appointment times (you can see how this is bad for business). Also, you can not edit appointment times easily anymore. The pop up box to edit is over top of other buttons on the screen that makes it very difficult. My customers no longer get an appointment confirmation after I confirm their booking, when clients request a book now appointment. So to the client it is as if their appointment is not confirmed. Clients don’t get confirmation when I manually add an appointment either. This app just keeps going down hill. It started out with a few thing once they changed to business suite and it keeps getting worse and worse. I appreciate this app for my business, it really is a great feature to business FB pages, I hope they can start making improvements. At this point even just going back to how it used to be would be awesome.Edit: yike! This app keeps getting worse! Now I am getting appointments request and it does not notify me, nor does it let me message the client after approving the appointment. PLEASE PLEASE, get this 🙏🏻. Customers don’t understand when we don’t get back to them. I have zero way to contact my client because of this.

  • By Pawsrancher


    K.I.S.S.❗️ For those that aren’t familiar, it means keep it simple stupid

    I actually haven’t updated off of fb manager version because I am not a fan of most of the updates, so this is a review regarding the app in general. If there were a negative star rating, I would be using it! Fb should remember K.I.S.S. And I will do the same. Simply put, if you don’t bother to show my posts to the people that have “liked” my business’ page, meaning that they want to see my posts, then none of these other things matter! We are a small service based business and we have 1200+ people that have liked our page but rarely are our posts shown to more than 150 of those people(according to your insights). Why is that? If I were to “boost” a post, it would be shown to a bunch of people but still not the people that have asked to see it and that are the targets of our posts. So, that is my biggest issue with this platform. There are countless more (like not being able to post a single picture as the header, now it is a slideshow, telling me I haven’t posted in a while when I post almost every day, no longer being able to write details about pictures when posting multiple at a time, etc.) but again, if you don’t show it to the people that have asked to see it, none of that matters!

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Reported Issues: 16 Comments

By Jake Prindiville
Dec 06 2022

Meta Business Suite is not recognizing over 50,000 international reactions to a post on Jake Prindiville Poetry and Prose. This is leaving me no choice but to invite them to follow my page individually. 50,000 individual invitations folks...Can you please address this issue? or is there an international icon I need to click??? 50,000 may not seem like a lot in the social media world, but when you're inviting them individually it sure as hell is.

By Donna-Marie Paynter
Oct 20 2022

Please I need help with an issue I been trying to deal with emails etc they just keep bouncing back or when they gone no one can be bothered to help. I've been blocked for some reason and not sure why this is absolutely ridiculous as there is no one to call when I am getting considerable about of emails saying I have an ad running and need to pay this is not me and it's getting very concerning as it is mounting up to a lot of money this needs to be looked at very quickly as I believe there is someone out there that does not give a hoot and hacking accounts like mine if you can come back and help I would be appreciative.
Many Regards

By Nicole Ambrose
Sep 24 2022

Please contact me immediately, I was phished from within Facebook Meta Business with a notification that told me I was tagged in a post directly on my FB business page and immediately disabled my account saying something about child porn?! I’ve never done anything like this in the 15 years I’ve had this account, this account that I can not get back into has every single video and picture of my own children that I don’t have saved anywhere else. This is ALSO how I feed my family and provide through my business page. We will be hiring a lawyer and filing multiple suits if this matter is not immediately corrected. I was hacked from within Facebook and have exhausted every single effort to try to contact anyone within your team so I will be left with no other options after this.

-Nicole Ambrose
The Restored Brush

By Regie Tablate
Sep 19 2022

My facebook official page was hacked by the hacker. I already email my issue/problem via email support at facebook, but no one can response me it's been 10 days ago till now. I go to business help support but i don't see any button on them to chat the available support team. Please help me to restore my admin role because my fb page is important to me :(

By Kathleen Blair
Sep 06 2022

How do you delete Meta Business on my computer? I need to delete it now, I have no plans to use it.

Kathleen Blair

By Margaret Butcher Funches
Jul 15 2022

What is wrong Facebook?
I am logged me out of my personal Facebook account.
I can't access my personal Facebook account from my Facebook business account or my Facebook business page.
Your report options don't work.

By Serge V
Mar 05 2022

I want to delete Business Suite. I don't need it. The Inbox doesn't even work correctly. Please help. It's been a real pain for months and months now. Thanks.

By Susan D Lefere
Feb 04 2022

I never requested META Business Suite for my Facebook page. CANCEL IT TODAY

By Sheena Speight Summerset
Dec 06 2021

Another account was made once coming to this Business Suite app. I now show 2 accounts in my name on Facebook when I only wanted one account. Please email me solution without deleting my primary account. thanks

By Dawn Bechtel
Nov 06 2021

please remove business suite from my page: Dawn in the Garden. I want it to be regular page again. Thank you Dawn Bechtel

By CA Hamilton
Oct 06 2021

How do I get back to my regular page. I don't want business suite nor did I ask for it.

By Odette
Sep 26 2021

I want to delete Business Suite from my page (Papamoa College), My boss uses Business manager and can longer see posts I've created in Business suite, she does not want to use Business suite.
When I try to remove Business Suite but it will only let me return to business manager if I set up an account in business manager. However this is not my business, I am only an admin

By Nancy B Haskew
Aug 25 2021

I update my church's FB page. When I opened it to add an event, the Business Suite attached itself to the church FB page. I do not want that. How to delete and return to the regular FB page where the calendar is located and I can delete some events? This is urgent. HelP!!!!

By Kristy Downey
Aug 23 2021

I would like to go back to just a page and not this business suite. Is there a way to do that?

By Neva E. Wartell
Aug 14 2021

I didn't ask for Business Suite, but it attached itself to my FB page, and now I can't figure out how to unattach it. Please help. This is an urgent request. Thank you.

By Ewok
May 20 2021

I liked the pages managers app. But business suite, is a big disappointment.

No notifications. You need to refresh the page every time you open it. I have missed numerous business transactions because of this.

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How do I contact Meta Support 2022? ›

The Meta Support team is available to assist you with any questions you have.
Report a bug
  1. Press on your right Touch controller to pull up your universal menu.
  2. Hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu. ...
  3. Select Report a Problem.

How do I contact Meta customer support? ›

You can also reach customer service via live chat or email. How to Reach Meta Customer Service: Call 1-855-879-3967.

How do I contact Facebook Meta support? ›

Different Ways to contact the Facebook ( Meta ) support via email
  1. – This is the most general, basic support email. ...
  2. – You can use this email to contact Facebook to try to recover disabled or hacked accounts, if you need to reset your password, or if you're having problems accessing a page.

How do I contact Meta support live chat? ›

Once you are in the Business Suite, click on Help at the bottom left and then on Help again in the submenu. A new menu will open on the right that allows you to select topics or provide information and start a chat, similar to the Help Center.

Do you call Facebook Meta now? ›

But Facebook is also the name of the larger company that includes the site Facebook and apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR and more. Now it's changed its company name from Facebook to Meta. So Facebook the website and app are still a thing, but Facebook the company? It's no more.

How can I chat with Facebook support live? ›

Facebook Live Chat

To access the Facebook Live Chat feature, go to the official help page or click on the link below the chat button. Conversations will appear in your Messenger tab. At this time, Live Chat is only available for Facebook for Business users.

Can you talk to a human at Facebook? ›

Alternatively, you may contact a Facebook customer care representative via live chat to ask for assistance. To contact Facebook for live chat support, go to the company's website and then to the contact us page. Then, from the contact us page, enter the web chat box to contact a representative for assistance.

Does meta have live support? ›

But over the last year, Meta has been working on potential solutions, which has seen the establishment of new live chat elements for English-speaking creators in the United States, as well as its Meta Pro Team project, which provides complimentary live support for Facebook and Instagram marketers to help them address ...

How do I contact Facebook about problems? ›

Classic mobile browser experience
  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Report a Problem.
  3. Select the Facebook product you're having a problem with.
  4. Describe your problem in the text box, including the steps you took to encounter the issue.
  5. Attach a screenshot (optional).
  6. Tap Submit.

Is Meta going to shut down Facebook? ›

Meta removes Facebook feature after seven years, affecting millions of users. The social media giant said the move was in keeping with its users' preferences.

How do I contact Facebook directly 2022? ›

You can also try emailing the general Facebook support email:

Does Facebook business have customer support? ›

Direct Support is a private support channel that connects businesses with specific support teams at Facebook for specific business products and services including, but not limited to, Meta Business Partners, Facebook Platform, and Instant Articles. Not all users will have access to Direct Support.

How do I connect to meta Business Suite? ›

To connect your Business App in Meta Business Suite desktop:
  1. Go to Meta Business Suite desktop and select the Business Apps tab.
  2. Select your Business App in the relevant category or find it in the search bar.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your Business App.

Is there a problem with Meta Business Suite? ›

Many users report their scheduled posts disappearing, constant error messages or even random switches between accounts. In addition, a Meta Business account may also experience issues with page access — ultimately, the problem is that there is too much under one umbrella.

How do I chat with Facebook support 2022? ›

To access the Facebook Live Chat feature, go to the official help page or click on the link below the chat button. Conversations will appear in your Messenger tab. At this time, Live Chat is only available for Facebook for Business users.

Can you access Meta Business Suite on phone? ›

Visit Meta Business Suite on desktop at or download and open the Meta Business Suite app on iOS or Android. If you'd like to manage your Facebook Page and your Instagram account from Meta Business Suite, connect them in Meta Business Suite on desktop or in the mobile app.

How do I get Facebook back from Meta Business Suite? ›

Switch from Meta Business Suite to Business Manager
  1. Click Help from the navigation menu located at the bottom of your left sidebar.
  2. Click Switch to Business Manager.
  3. Click the blue Switch button to confirm. ...
  4. You'll be asked to provide some feedback in the next screen. ...
  5. Click Done.

Is Meta Business Suite the same as Facebook Business Manager? ›

Meta Business Manager, formerly known as Facebook Business Manager, is a tool to help you create, publish, monitor, and report on various business-related assets, including your business' Facebook Pages or your Facebook advertisements.

How do I send a message on Facebook Business Suite? ›

From your browser:
  1. Navigate to Facebook and then to your business's page.
  2. Click on your inbox.
  3. Choose the new message(s).
  4. Formulate your reply and click “send”.

What has happened to Facebook Business Suite? ›

The Facebook company is now Meta, and Facebook Business Suite is now Meta Business Suite. While our company name is changing, we are continuing to offer the same products, including the Facebook app from Meta.

Is Meta having issues today? ›

According to its status page Meta is currently warn.


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